About The Aln & Coastland Parishes


The Aln & Coastland Parishes are an informal grouping of five small rural villages to the east of Alnwick on the Northumberland coast. They comprise of two Anglican Benefices: Lesbury & Alnmouth; Longhoughton (including Boulmer) & Howick, each Parish has their own individual character, which makes them about as different as they can be from each other.

Some of us have lived here for decades whilst others have moved here more recently. At the heart of our life together is the Sunday Eucharist where we gather to meet with and worship God. Our services are mostly from Common Worship but on occasion from the Book of Common Prayer, Taizé, Iona and other forms of worship. The Eucharist feeds and sustains our work of supporting and caring for one another, and engaging with our communities.

Whether you’re coming here on holiday or resident of one of our villages, if you are just interested in what goes on in church or you’ve been a Christian for years, there are people here looking forward to welcoming you and encouraging you in your faith, we’d be delighted to see you.


Q: How will I know where to sit?

A: There are people at the door of each of our churches to welcome you, they will help you find a place to sit and let you know all about the service.


Q: Do I have to sing?

A: Only if you want to. If you feel unsure about singing, just listen and enjoy the music and singing of others.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No, just come as you are.


Q: Can I bring my children?

A: Yes, children are very welcome.


Q: Am I expected to go up to the front?

No, not if you don’t wish to. At a communion service, anyone who receives the bread and wine in their own church can go up to receive communion with other members of the church. You can also go up to receive a blessing if you wish, and that will be explained at the service; but no one is forced to do so.


Q: Are all the churches accessible if I have mobility problems?

A: Most of the churches are easily accessible. However, Alnmouth has some steps at the entrance but the church does have a wheelchair stair climber to allow access.

Parish News:


Joint Benefice Holy Communion 10.30am THEME: REFUGEES Speaker: Lindsay Cross Director: West End Refugee Service, Newcastle


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Parish Events:


Holy Communion

Thursday, 26th April 2018 9:15 am


Joint Benefice Holy Communion

Speaker: Lindsay Cross

Director West End Refugee Service

Sunday, 29th April 2018 10:30 am

Thought of the Week

““I read in a book that a man called Christ went about doing good. It distresses me that I am so easily satisfied with just going about.” (Toyohiko Kagawa)