Who’s Who in the Aln & Coastland Parishes


There is presently no vicar for the Aln & Coastland Parishes 

Revd Barrie Cooper

Assistant Priest (SSM)

<p><strong>Revd Barrie Cooper</strong></p>

4 Island View, Amble

NE65 0SE

Tel: 07969514982  




Brought up on the Wirral and I come from a family of Agriculturists and Maritime engineers! First in the family to go to University, I obtained a place at Keble College, Oxford to study Geology and Mineralogy. Through a number of twists and turns I discovered faith in God at University, and never looked back!

After teacher training, post Oxford, I taught Geography for 3 years and felt the call to ordained ministry. 3 years at Theological College ensued and I was ordained in 1985. 

For 4 years I worked in a deprived area of Greater Manchester {Partington} and then for 4 years as a Vicar in Stockport and part time Hospital Chaplain. Great experiences and living proof that God has a sense of humour!

I  felt a real nudge towards Prison Chaplaincy and after a series of powerful pointers I spent 18 years as a Prison Chaplain. working with young offenders in Shropshire and then at HMP Acklington and finally HMP Durham. There is a book to be written from my experiences!

I then spent some time as Chaplain at Durham School, by way of a real contrast, and then had a break from Ministry.

Aln and Coastland parishes have been a blessing on many levels to Helen and I.

My motto is; God loves you more than you can ever know! No strings attached!

Susanna Swales


<p><strong>Susanna Swales</strong></p>

14 Ravensmede, Alnwick
NE66 2XP

Tel: 01665 600908

Isabel Chalmers

Churchwarden Alnmouth

<p>Isabel Chalmers</p>

Tel: 01665 830362

Catherine Whyte

Churchwarden Alnmouth

<p>Catherine Whyte</p>

Tel: 01665 830028

Gill Bland

Churchwarden Lesbury

<p><strong>Gill Bland</strong></p>

Tel: 01665 830720

Nick Naylor

Churchwarden Lesbury

<p>Nick Naylor</p>

Tel: 01665 830733

Dr Andrew Willmott

Churchwardens | Longhoughton
(including Boulmer)

<p><strong>Dr Andrew Willmott</strong></p>

Tel: 01665 577456

Mrs Lena Tait & Mr Jimmy Grey

Churchwardens | Howick

<p><strong>Mrs Lena Tait & Mr Jimmy Grey</strong></p>

Mrs Lena Tait
Tel: 01665 577473

Mr Jimmy Grey
Tel: 01665 577672

Parish News:

Brother Finian SSF's First Profession

Held at St John the Baptist church, Alnmouth.

Messy Church

Very much a success story in our parishes over the past few years, we would like to restart if sufficient volunteers can be found.

Parish Events:

Alnmouth Summer Fête

Stalls, teas, tombola, children’s games.

Plenty of Summer Fun on the Church green from 2-4pm

Monday, 30th August 2021 2:00 pm